We are thrilled to announce our Science & Robotics Summer Camp for kids aged 3-12 years! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with creativity, learning, and fun. Our camp offers a unique blend of activities ranging from  building with classic and technic blocks to robotics, science experiments, shadow puppetry, role-play, and storytelling, all centred around the theme of everyday Science & Robotics around us. 

Camps start April and continue till July 2024. Each camp is from Monday to Friday. Choose Morning 10.30am-1pm or Afternoon 2.30-5pm batch. Camps include two hands-on activities every day. Children get a short snack break in between. Some projects created by children can be taken home. We hope that your child will go back home happy, more curious and eager to learn about the world around them in a scientific manner.


Rs 3999 per week per child. Discount available for booking multiple weeks and for group bookings. Can't do an entire week because of travel? Now you can Pay-As-You-Go @Rs 1000 per day for the camp.


Bangalore:  Whitefield, Jayanagar, Malleshwaram, Horamavu-Banaswadi, Arekere Bannerghatta Road, New Thippasandra and HSR Layout 

Kolkata:  Ballygunge, Alipore, Bhawanipur and Saltlake

AGE GROUPS: 3-5 years, 5-7 years, 7-10 years, 10+ years 

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APRIL 2024MAY 2024JUNE 2024JULY 2024
April  1-5
 May 6-10June 3-7  (Bangalore & Kolkata) July 1-5
April 8-12
May 13-17 (Bangalore & Kolkata) June 10-14 (Bangalore & Kolkata) July 8-12
 April 15-19
 May 20-24 (Bangalore & Kolkata) June 7-21 July 15-19
 April 22-26
May 27-31 (Bangalore & Kolkata) June 24-28 July 22-26
 April 29-May 3rd



In the summer camps, students of ages 3+ years will make projects using  Building blocks. The projects will be related to this year's theme of Sun and Sand. For instance they will make rides that actually work, water animals, bubble machine, paint with Q tip and more. One of the days is for Shadow Theatre Puppetry which is a super hit with kids!

The camps will help children develop their focus and attention span, fine motor and spatial skills, creativity, problem solving, logical thinking, communication and presentation skills.

The camps are meant to be fun and educational. When children and having fun, learning happens automatically.


We have super fun and educational activities planned for age 5+ years. Students will build working models of machines and mechanism using international STEM Education Kits. Inspired by the theme of Sun and Sand we also have Salt Painting Science experiment. They will get started with electronics by making their own Lego house and lighting it up with bulb, adding fan and a buzzer for guests to come into the house.

The camps will help children develop a scientific temperament, apply their creativity, improve their focus and attention span, develop problem solving, logical thinking, presentation and communication skills. All activities are hands-on so children learn by doing which helps in better retention of the Science & Math concepts learned. 


Our teachers have prepared super fun and educational projects for students of age 7+. These children will get started with Robotics, make their own working models of machines like clock, rides, pattern maker, beach cleaning truck and more. We also introduce them to Electronics where they will make their own circuits that can light up a house, turn a fan on or around a buzzer.

Why Robotics? Because it is the most fun way to learn Science & Math in a practical and hands-on way. The projects are relatable to real life explaining to the child the technologies we are surrounded by all over. It will give  kids some answers on how things work and stoke their curiosity and scientific temperament further.


For 10+ years there will be Robotics and Electronics projects. Students will build their own robot and code it to perform various functions like follow a line, pick and place objects, avoid obstacles, sense things in the environment.
So they will learn both the mechanical aspect of Robotics as well as Coding.

Students will learn about gears, motors, various types of sensors like Ultrasonic, Light, Touch and Gyro sensor.

The camp is hands-on so each day children will build these robotic projects by themselves.


Build, Experiment & Tell

Learn Robotics

Learn Electronics

Build Your Own Rides

Science Experiments

Dino in the Sun

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