What is an Innovation Lab?

An Innovation Lab is a fully-equipped studio where students can engage in hands-on learning, creative play, fun science projects and tinkering. The idea behind such an environment is to facilitate learning through self discovery and collaboration with other children and trained mentors. The lab serves as a prepared environment with lots of stimulating materials like robotics, science kits, 3D printer, Electronic hardware, hand & power tools, etc. Students take part in fun activities related to STEM (Science,  Technology, Engineering and Math) and art to develop the ability to think in new ways and problem solve in our changing environment.

MakersLoft offers the following support to schools for Innovation Lab:

  • Procurement of tools and equipment 
  • Teacher Training
  • Curriculum and lesson plans
  • Mentoring students for projects and competitions
  • Hand-holding and guidance for implementation of the lab

Interested in setting up an  Innovation Lab at your school or community?


What goes on inside an innovation lab?

3D Hologram

Banana Piano

Some Tinkering projects done at MakersLoft

Virtual Reality Interactive project

Upcycling cardboard