Looking for an exciting and educational summer camp experience for your child in June / July 2024? Look no further! MakersLoft Camps are designed to teach new age skills in a manner that children enjoy learning.

Camp Fee: Rs 2500/week

Duration: Monday to Friday, 1 hour each day

Timing Options:

  • 10.30 - 11.30 am
  • 12 - 1 pm
  • 2 - 3 pm
  • 3.30 - 4.30 pm
  • 5 - 6 pm
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To enrol your child Call 6290126203 or 9663561080

Camps by Age Group

Creative Building Camp for 5-7 years
Scratch Coding Camp for ages 7-12 years
App Making Camp for 11+ years
Artificial Intelligence Camp for 11+ years
Arduino Smart Electronics for 11+ years
Python Programming Camp for 12+ years

Camp Fee: Rs 2500/week

Duration: Monday to Friday, 1 hour each day

Call 6290126203 or 9663561080

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Summer Camp Dates for Online camps
​Each camp will start on Monday and finish on Friday of the same week. Camp duration 1 hour each day. 

 June 3-7
 June 10-14 June 17-21 June 24-28
 July 1-5July 8-12 July 15-19 July 22-26

Camp Fee: Rs 2500/week

Duration: Monday to Friday, 1 hour each day

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Details about what will be taught in camps

​Creative Building Camp for 5-7 years

In this camp, we teach children a broad range of building blocks skills and techniques, using which they can build from their own imagination. We teach them about different building blocks parts, about colours, design, geometry, symmetry, patterns, story telling, presentation and in giving shape to their ideas. Requisite: A set of Creative Building Blocks.

​Scratch Coding Camp for 7-12 years

Learn to Code. Code to Learn. Make games, animations, quizzes, presentations, stories. Coding or programming is a skill that is becoming as important as reading and writing. In this age of technology it is important to know the language of computers, so we can tell them what to do. Learning to code develops in children the ability to solve problems, think analytically and logically. 

​Artificial Intelligence Camp for 11+ years

Learn how AI is used in Digital Assistant like Alexa / Siri, Google Maps, Driverless cars, surveillance drones, Amazon and YouTube recommendations, Instagram filters  and many more areas in real everyday life. Create AI projects, teach machines to recognize shapes, sound, gestures. Make chat bot. What are the dangers of AI? What do you need to be aware of.

​App Making for 11+ years

In this course, students will Build fully functional apps for smartphones. They will start with learning what’s inside a mobile phone and the different kinds of mobile apps and their uses. They will learn to build fully functional apps for Android smartphones starting from simple ones that play sound/image or doodling app or convert text to voice. They will use a phone’s GPS or sensors to make apps that work with location. 

Requisite: Android Phone

​Arduino Smart Electronics for 11+ years

This camp is for a minimum duration of 3 weeks. A combination of physics and computer science, in this camp students will learn about electronics - circuits, sensors, capacitors, resistors, motors etc. They will also learn proper programming a vital skill in today's age. They will make interactive electronics projects like Smart Irrigation System, Intelligent Street Lighting, Automatic Garage Door, Home automation etc.  Requisite: Arduino Kit, can be purchased online

​Python Coding for 12+ years

This camp is recommended for a minimum duration of 3 weeks. Python is one of the easiest programming language for school students. Even those with no programming experience can learn it. It is highly intuitive, because it has less emphasis on syntax unlike other programming languages. Learning this language gives the child vital vocational skills from an early age. It is widely used in Data Sciences, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence applications.

Camp Fee: Rs 2500/week

Duration: Monday to Friday, 1 hour each day

Call 6290126203 or 9663561080 to enrol your child

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