• Courses for 2-6 year olds

Early Learning Programs

MakersLoft's early learning curriculum has been developed to engage and motivate children in early making, piquing their interest in learning design, technology and engineering. 4 pillars of the pre-school programs:

Early Math & Science

Children naturally sort, count, and classify and bricks provide a hands-on way to explore numbers, shapes, and colours as kids construct and deconstruct their creations. They learn about cause and effect, motion, addition, and subtraction.

Social & Emotional Learning

Helping children develop social skills is a critical component of early learning education. The pre-school program helps teach kids to recognize feelings and understand similarities and differences, while developing collaboration and turn-taking skills.

Early Language & Literacy

Nothing builds communication skills more than having the chance to express thoughts and ideas to others. Children use characters and build models to create and share their stories.

Creative exploration

By constructing their own imaginative ideas with other students, kids build their communication, negotiation, and self-expression skills while practicing basic sorting and counting concepts.

Build-to-Learn (2-3 years)

Throughout the program, toddlers are introduced to building block projects in a precise sequence, from simple to complex. We introduce them to science through hands-on projects that help them explore, compare, contrast and distinguish.

Toddlers begin using our personalized materials to build mathematical concepts and explore our specially designed environments. These materials allow your child to sort, match, count and understand mathematical language. Specific areas of study include number concepts, number notation, and problem solving, as well as geometry, rote learning, and early measurement concepts. 

Your child will develop their language skills in vocabulary, pronunciation and communication through dialogue, activities and models. Preschoolers also explore physical and emotional traits in a fun and engaging way. As children work together in a series of character-building experiences, they learn about feelings and identify similarities and differences.

Mini-Makers (3-4 years)

The Mini-Makers program is built around the child’s natural interest in the world around them. Three to five-year-olds are active investigators. Our specialized materials encourage creativity, versatility and experimentation. Students construct math concepts and practice procedures using building blocks.

Children will learn to think creatively, to use their “right brains,” and to take risks with ideas and materials. They realize that mistakes are opportunities to try something different! Children will use language as a vehicle to explore their imaginations, to aid their research about the natural world, and to develop communication skills with friends and teachers. 

Example projects

Matching Numbers   •  Pattern  •  Swing  •  Merry-Go-round  •  Bridge  •  Bike  •  Crane  •  Duck  •  Spinning Top  •  Aeroplane  •  Scarecrow  •  Cinema  

CODING for ages 4-7 years. 100% screen-free.

Why teach coding to young children?

Coding promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills in children. It builds their logical skills. Coding uses the same part of the brain as Math. Children who are logical will be good at Maths and Coding and vice-versa.

Topics covered

Move the robot, detect objects, avoiding obstacles, Perform conditional tasks - If / then / else loops, Following lines, Picking and dropping objects