Learn to Code. Code to Learn.

A fun way for kids to learn Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM).

Scratch is a software that kids all over the

world are learning.


This course is suitable for students between the age group 7-12 years. No prior experience required. Upon successful completion of the course students shall receive a Certificate. Students must bring a laptop.

Admission Procedure

Please visit our centre to know details of the curriculum, syllabus and learning outcomes. Pay the registration and course fee, schedule a class timing. You can visit us between 10.30am-6.30pm from Monday-Saturday. Or call us at +91 6290126203 or email at


This course is of 12 sessions. Each session is of 2 hours. MakersLoft provides flexibility of learning experience, so students can learn at their own pace. You can do classes once a week during school days to upto 5 times a week during holidays and vacations. Classes are available on week days as well as on weekends.

What's Next?

This course will help students with school projects, to make presentations, animations and games. It will enhance their logical thinking and problem solving skills. Students who are interested in developing their programming skills further are recommended to enroll for the Programming courses like Python, C++, etc

Coding or programming is a skill that is becoming as important as reading and writing. In this age of technology it is important to know the language of computers, so we can tell them what to do. In this course students will learn programming by making games, animated movies and presentations. 

Scratch is a software developed by MIT, Boston, USA. Thousands of kids all over the world have learned coding through Scratch. Learning to code develops in children the ability to solve problems, think analytically and logically.