• Course for ages 7-10 years
    Learn Creativity + Coding + Machines and Mechanisms
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Online Courses for Children of ages 4-15 years

4-6 year olds

Building Blocks & Coding

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7-9 year olds

Building Blocks, Coding, Robotics

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10-11 year olds

Coding, Robotics, App Making, AI

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12-15 year olds

Coding, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, App Making, Arduino

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 Certificate Courses, International Curriculum using World-class Educational Platforms

Creative Building

Coding with Scratch

Artificial Intelligence

For ages 11 years and above
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Mobile App Development

For ages 11 years and above

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Arduino Programming

For ages 12 years and above

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Python Programming

For ages 12 years and above

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Why choose MakersLoft?

MakersLoft is one of the leading institutes for Robotics for school children. We have trained over 12,000 students from the best schools in Kolkata, in STEM programs like Robotics, Coding, App Making, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing. Our expertise is in the area of technical education and hands-on pedagogy. 

We are championing “hands-on learning” in K-12 education in India. Our vision is to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) Education enjoyable and relevant for students. Our programs develop 21st century skills like creativity, teamwork, logical thinking, critical thinking, analytical skills and empathy in children. Our pedagogy “learning-by-doing” allows students to become active learners as it engages their hands as well as mind. Children learn best when they are engaged. In all our training programs students carry out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or reading text books.

Vineet Kansal, CEO of The Newtown School

What is STEM Education?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is a window to understanding the building blocks of life, the universe and everything. It gives us tools to explore, question, navigate in, and even invent the world we live in – skills that can and will be applied in every field of work and play. 

For most of us, STEM fields are either wildly exciting and inspiring or extremely daunting concepts that may be difficult to relate to. They often get a reputation as the “hard” sciences. Hard, both as in difficult to grasp and learn, but also with a reputation of being rigid, leaving very little, if any, room for creativity or imagination. 

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