• Our students have won in several international robotic competitions

  • We have trained over 8000 students of ​reputed schools

  • We provide teacher training for Robotics, 3D Printing, STEM Education and more

  • We setup innovation, Robotics & 3D Printing labs in schools

In-school and after school activities for children

3-6 year olds

Creative Exploration

7-9 year olds

Hands-on STEM Learning

10-12 year olds

Hands-on STEM Learning

13-18 year olds

Vocational Skill Development



3D Printing

STEM Learning



Why MakersLoft?

At MakersLoft, we believe in facilitating learning through self discovery and collaboration with other students and trained mentors, within a prepared environment. Our studio  is fully-fitted with lots of stimulating materials like Lego educational kits, 3D printer, 3D Doodling Pens, Robotics, Electronics, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) kits, hand and power tools etc. We help develop these 21st century skills in our students: Creativity and imagination, Critical thinking, Problem solving and Collaboration and teamwork

Our focus is on ‘process’ (of learning) rather than ‘product’ (what is made) or output (grades)


Contact Us
​​Phone:  +91-8335075374 / +91-6290126203     |     Email: info@makersloft.in
     |    Website: www.makersloft.in

Ballygunge Centre

22 Ballygunge Park Road,

Himadri West Wing, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700019.

Near Ice Skating Rink

Theatre Road Centre


7th Floor, AC Market, 1 Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata 700071

Newtown Centre

PS Qube

1111A, 11th Floor, Action Area IID, Newtown,  Kolkata 700136. Near City Center 2

Saltlake Centre


7th Floor, JC 30/A, Sector 3, Salt lake city, 

Kolkata 700106. Near Stadium

Alipore Centre

Genius Den
5B, Chetla Central Rd, Alipore, Kolkata 700027.
Near Sri Sri Academy school