• Our students have won in several international robotic competitions

  • We have trained over 8000 students of ​reputed schools

  • We setup innovation, Robotics & 3D Printing labs in schools

In-school and after school activities for children

3-6 year olds

Creative Exploration

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7-9 year olds

Hands-on STEM Learning

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10-12 year olds

Hands-on STEM Learning

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13-18 year olds

Vocational Skill Development

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Senior Robotics
Scratch Coding
3D Printing
Junior STEM Robotics
Mobile App Making
Lego STEM Education

Why MakersLoft?

At MakersLoft, we believe in facilitating learning through self discovery and collaboration with other students and trained mentors, within a prepared environment. Our studio  is fully-fitted with lots of stimulating materials like Lego educational kits, 3D printer, 3D Doodling Pens, Robotics, Electronics, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) kits, hand and power tools etc. We help develop these 21st century skills in our students: Creativity and imagination, Critical thinking, Problem solving and Collaboration and teamwork

Our focus is on ‘process’ (of learning) rather than ‘product’ (what is made) or output (grades)


Contact Us
​​Phone:  +91-8335075374 / +91-6290126203     |     Email: info@makersloft.in
     |    Website: www.makersloft.in

Newtown Centre (Coming Soon)

PS Qube

1111A, 11th Floor, Action Area IID, Newtown,  Kolkata 700136. Near City Center 2

Saltlake Centre


7th Floor, JC 30/A, Sector 3, Salt lake city, 

Kolkata 700106. Near Stadium

Theatre Road Centre


7th Floor, AC Market, 1 Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata 700071

Alipore Centre

Genius Den
5B, Chetla Central Rd, Alipore, Kolkata 700027.
Near Sri Sri Academy school