Specially designed for middle school students

Learn how Artificial intelligence is used in Digital Assistant like Alexa / Siri, Google Maps, Driverless cars, surveillance drones, Amazon and YouTube recommendations, Instagram filters  and many more areas in real everyday life.

Children these days are fascinated by Siri, Alexa, Google Home and the like. They think these applications are super smart and have all the information.  This course will help students not only understand how AI technology works but also make them feel that they have the agency to teach machines. For instance, as children start to train their own models for facial or gesture recognition, they will begin to understand that AI is not magic. They will understand how recommendations are made by or in Youtube. How can predictions be made using AI?

We've launched this course online, so kids anywhere in the world can take the instructor-led classes in English

What kind of hands-on projects will students make in this course?

  • Teach machines to recognise shapes, colours. Identify different fruits.
  • Recognize faces, gestures, body postures. Eg. Unlock phone with your face. 
  • Recognize and differentiate between sounds - music vs noise
  • Recognize feeling in text and speech, for example in Twitter feed
  • Teach machines to play games, better than humans
  • Make a Chatbot to assist the class teacher
  • Make a virtual pet that reacts differently when you say nice vs mean things
  • Operate electronic devices and appliances at home

COURSE DURATION: 16 sessions of 1 hour each. There are 2 levels in this course.

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Course Duration

Each course starts with a module of 16 sessions. There are 2 such modules. So total session of 32 sessions for this Courses.

Assessment & Certificate

After 16 sessions we conduct an assessment and share feedback with parents in the form of rubrics and issue a certificate.certificate.

Batch & Timings

Classes are done in small batches of upto 5 students so that your child gets individual attention. We provide flexible timings, with 2-3 sessions per week from Monday-Saturday.

Registration & Fees

Fees to be paid 100% in advance by Bank Transfer, Paytm, PayPal or Google Pay. To enrol your child send us Child's Name, Age, School, City, Parent Name, Phone/E-mail id on WhatsApp or by e-mail.