Programming with electronics

Arduino is easy to use open source platform

consisting of hardware and software that is

designed for students who want to create

interactive objects or environments.

With Arduino students can make interactive electronics projects that can solve real life problems like Smart Irrigation System, Intelligent Street Lighting, Automatic Garage Door, Home automation etc. Arduino is not just easy to learn but also super fast at prototyping and amazingly powerful so students can see results immediately. And parents don't need to worry about damage to expensive circuitry or computer parts!

This course is a combination of physics and computer science. Students will learn about electronics - circuits, sensors, capacitors, resistors, motors etc. They will also learn proper programming that is a vital skill in today's age.

COURSE FEE: Beginners  / Intermediate / Advanced Level: Rs 9500/ level of 16 sessions each. Each session is of 1 hour each.

Pay for Arduino Course

Arduino makes it easy for students to connect software and hardware together neatly, easily and temporarily. All this without the worry about damaging expensive circuitry or computer parts!

Children can also be impatient and want (almost) immediate results. Because Arduino is super fast at prototyping and amazingly powerful, students can see results immediately.

What kind of projects will students make in this course?

Students will explore the applications of Arduino in solving real life problems. They will start with simple home automation projects like controlling LED lights and move on to complex projects like Alcohol detection System to minimise accidents or a Smart Irrigation System which will take care of your plants without you are away and much more.

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Course Duration

Each course starts with a module of 16 sessions. There are 3 such modules. So total session of 48 sessions for this Courses.

Assessment & Certificate

After 16 sessions we conduct an assessment and share feedback with parents in the form of rubrics and issue a certificate.certificate.

Batch & Timings

Classes are done in small batches of upto 5 students so that your child gets individual attention. We provide flexible timings, with 2-3 sessions per week from Monday-Saturday.

Registration & Fees

Fees to be paid 100% in advance by Bank Transfer, Paytm, PayPal or Google Pay. To enrol your child send us Child's Name, Age, School, City, Parent Name, Phone/E-mail id on WhatsApp or by e-mail.


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MakerLoft's demos are meant to give parents an idea about the course content, our pedagogy and to see if the child would be interested in the course. During the demo our trainers also try to assess the child's aptitude for the course and make recommendations on the best options for them. Please ensure you have been provided information about course fee and kit price (if relevant) prior to taking the demo.


1. Demo fee is Rs 300 and can be redeemed against the course fee if you join the course.
2. All demos are conducted online on Zoom. Please check your internet connection, web camera and microphone are working properly prior to the demo. If there is an issue, you can call or WhatsApp us prior to the demo to reschedule.
3. At least one parent needs to be present at the time of demo.
4. Demo duration is typically around 30 minutes.
5. Demos may be conducted 1:1 or in small groups of 2-3 participants.
6. Demo scheduling depends on your availability and that of our trainers. MakersLoft is closed on Sundays, so demos cannot be scheduled for Sunday.
7. Demo fee is non-refundable