Turn your ideas into reality

Introducing young people to the world

​of 3D Printing where they can turn ​their

​ideas into real objects using a 3D printer

Nothing builds more confidence in a child than the ability to produce something tangible, a physical object, from just an idea. 3D Printing is a technology that is changing the ways students learn - whether it is science, history, geography or even literature. Imagine being able to touch and feel the model of a DNA or the human heart, or holding a miniature pyramid in your palm, or having a bust of Shakespeare on your desk to inspire you! In this course, students will digitally design, 3D print and take home 3D Printed models.

3D Printing is being widely used across industries whether it is medical, manufacturing, entertainment, architecture, education or engineering. Therefore this is a skill that will definitely help your child in their career. 

Students will learn how to turn your idea into reality by designing and producing 3D toys to 3D selfies and more.

What students shall learn?

  • Intro to 3D Design & 3D Printing
  • How to design and make 3D models
  • Preparing and exporting a 3D model for 3D Printing
  • 3D Printing your model
  • Post-processing & finishing

You’ll get to make and take away two prototypes and one final 3D Printed product of your choice


This course is suitable for students between the age group 10-18 years. No prior experience in 2D or 3D designing is required. Upon successful completion of the course students shall receive a Certificate. Students must carry a laptop for 3D designing.

Admission Procedure

Please visit our centre to know details of the curriculum, syllabus and learning outcomes. Pay the registration and course fee, schedule a class timing. You can visit us between 10.30am-6.30pm from Monday-Saturday. Or call us at +91 6290126203 or email at info@makersloft.in


This course is of 16 sessions of 2 hours each. MakersLoft provides flexibility of learning experience, so students can learn at their own pace. You can do classes once a week during school days to upto 5 times a week during holidays and vacations. Classes are available on week days as well as on weekends.

What's Next?

This course will help students with school projects, to make science models, art and craft projects. Students who are interested in developing their designing skills further are recommended to learn advanced 3D softwares like Maya, AutoCad, Rhinoceros, Solidworks, depending on the industry they wish to pursue.