Courses for 10-12 year olds

Scratch Programming

This course is taught using Scratch, a software developed by MIT, Boston. Thousands of kids all over the world have learned coding/programming through Scratch and made games, animations, stories, etc. Teachers all over the world are using Scratch to making learning more interactive and fun for students.

3D Doodling

3D Doodling is a new way of making things using a 3D pen that uses plastic filament instead of ink, and then objects can be made in 3D dimensions by just doodling. In this course, students learn how to bring their ideas to life. They will see how their 2D designs can be transformed into a 3D object. It will practice by hands concepts learned in Geometry and Physics.

3D Designing & 3D Printing

Children’s heads are full of ideas and creativity, but they lack a medium to express it by building something themselves. Imagine if your child could create in 3 dimension, not just draw and color, but produce an actual object? 3D Printing is a new way of making things digitally using a printer that uses plastic filament instead of ink, and prints objects in 3D dimensions.

Junior Robotics

Robotics is a wonderful platform for learning 21st century skills. Solving robotic challenges builds innovation, creativity and problem solving skills in students, and because robotics cross multiple curriculum subjects, students must learn and apply their knowledge in science, engineering, math, and computer programming. The most rewarding part of designing robots is that students have fun, work together as a team, and learning occurs as naturally as breathing air.