Website Design Course for ages 12+ years

Learn to build fully functional and professional looking websites. Create your personalized online portfolio.

Why should school students learn to make websites?

In this digital age having an online presence is important for everyone to showcase their skills and abilities, whether you are a student, an expert professional or corporate or NGO. People want to know about you before they interact with you, whether it is for college admission or for business. That's where a personalized website helps, and in the case of students an online portfolio showcasing their skills, talents and achievements.

In this course students will design their own website with text, images, video and professional looking layout. They will do this using HTML Coding & CSS.

The best part is that every student will get a free personal domain and free web hosting for one year. For example,

COURSE FEE: Beginners  / Intermediate / Advanced Level: Rs 9500/ level of 16 sessions each. Each session is of 1 hour each.

Pay for Web Design Course
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What will be taught in the Web Design course?

How to layout text and images

A professional website must be readable with text and images laid out in a manner that is easy for the visitor to read and understand. Learn how to add text and images to create a clean layout.

Add Photos & Videos

Learn how to add content like photos, image gallery, youtube videos to make your website more interested. Add a map so that users can find your location easily, if it is a business site.

Making a multi-page website

Make a website that has multiple pages, a menu for easy navigation from one page to the other. Learn about directory structure, folders, files.

Gathering user info - forms

Create forms where people can leave their information and you can get back to them later. Some users might want to sign up for your newsletter, or register for an event, or enquire about your business.

Add Maps & Social Media links

Learn how to add a map so that users can find your location easily, if its a business website. Learn how to connect your site to your social media channels like Gacebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp.

Intellectual Property & Copyright

How to protect your content from plagiarism. Watermarks, copyright text. Learn about restricted content and legal issues on web, what online content you can use or not use, and how can you use it without falling into trouble.

CSS for professional look & feel

Fonts and styles, text properties. Body element and layout properties. Learn about liquid layout for displaying website properly across devices like laptop screen tablet, cellphone. 

Domain Name & Web Hosting

Learn how to have a personalized website name and upload it on the world wide web so users anywhere in the world can find your site

Search Engines & Site Maps

Learn how to make it easy for your website to be found. How to prevent certain pages from being listed on Google. Learn about web crawlers.

Course Duration

Each course starts with a module of 16 sessions. There are 3 such modules. So total session of 48 sessions for each of the Courses.

Assessment & Certificate

After 16 sessions we conduct an assessment and share feedback with parents in the form of rubrics and issue a certificate.

Batch & Timings

Classes are done in small batches of upto 5 students so that your child gets individual attention. We provide flexible timings, with 2 sessions per week from Monday-Saturday.

Registration & Fees

Fees to be paid 100% in advance by Bank Transfer, Paytm, PayPal or Google Pay. To enrol your child send us Child's Name, Age, School, City, Parent Name, Phone/E-mail id on WhatsApp or by e-mail.


Click here to book a Demo

MakerLoft's demos are meant to give parents an idea about the course content, our pedagogy and to see if the child would be interested in the course. During the demo our trainers also try to assess the child's aptitude for the course and make recommendations on the best options for them. Please ensure you have been provided information about course fee and kit price (if relevant) prior to taking the demo.


1. Demo fee is Rs 300 and can be redeemed against the course fee if you join the course.
2. All demos are conducted online on Zoom. Please check your internet connection, web camera and microphone are working properly prior to the demo. If there is an issue, you can call or WhatsApp us prior to the demo to reschedule.
3. At least one parent needs to be present at the time of demo.
4. Demo duration is typically around 30 minutes.
5. Demos may be conducted 1:1 or in small groups of 2-3 participants.
6. Demo scheduling depends on your availability and that of our trainers. MakersLoft is closed on Sundays, so demos cannot be scheduled for Sunday.
7. Demo fee is non-refundable