Read to Learn - anything.

Children who read, usually have at least one parent who is a reader 

Book Recommendations

These are some of the books we at MakersLoft love, we gift it to our nephews and nieces. We also asked select educators (like the Creative Writing expert Richa Wahi from Word Munchers) and parents who we look upto, for their recommendations, to give you a wider choice of books across ages.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of inculcating an interest in reading for your child. In an age where things change so rapidly, what must our children learn? Well one thing for sure, they must "learn how to learn".  Self-learning will be the greatest asset for your child - and for that they have to be willing to read. Not just skim through social media or magazines, but be willing to read extensively to get in-depth into any topic or subject. Otherwise it is all coffee chat conversation that has only so much value! To develop expertise or learn something really well, you have to be willing to read through dense material in books, memos, research publications, long articles. So get your child reading!
Books for ages 0-6 years
Books for ages 6-12 years
Books for ages 13 years and above
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