Summer Camps for Ages 2-5 years

Lego Toddlers Building Blocks

3 days offline camp in Kolkata

Get your young ones started with building blocks. In this camp they will learn vocabulary, communication, to follow verbal and picture instructions, develop gross and fine motor skills. More importantly they will develop social and emotional skills by learning to interact with other children and teachers in a classroom situation.

Lego Course for 4-5 yrs

3 days offline camp in Kolkata

In this camp children will build fun projects using building blocks, learn to follow visual and oral instructions step by step. They will develop focus and attention to sit and complete a task. It will develop their spatial skills as well as communication and problem solving abilities. Creating things develops confidence in children.

Lego Simple machines course for 5-7 years

3 days offline camp in Kolkata

Children will make fun models of machines and objects they see around them. They will make models that move and understand basic Math & Science concepts in a qualitative way. For example they will measure a room with measuring car. Or understand the concept of weight and balance by making a see saw.