Lego Pre-School Program

Using colourful LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, these hands-on programs ignite natural curiosity and foster a love of discovery and investigation. Storytelling combined with building activities help the youngest students develop social and emotional skills that set them up for a lifetime of successful learning.

These programs are for 2-4 years old. Classes are held once a week, 1 hour duration.  Next batch starting soon at Saltlake & AC market centres.
For enquiries call +91-8335075374

Early Math & Science

Children naturally sort, count, and classify, and LEGO DUPLO bricks provide a hands-on way to explore numbers, shapes, and colors as kids construct and deconstruct their creations. Colorful bricks and figures offer an engaging way to learn about cause and effect, motion, addition, and subtraction.

Social & Emotional Development

Helping children develop social skills is a critical component of early learning education. LEGO Education Early Learnings’s “Emotions” bricks help teach kids to recognize feelings and understand similarities and differences, while developing collaboration and turn-taking skills. 

Early Language & Literacy

Nothing builds communication skills more than having the chance to express thoughts and ideas to others. Using LEGO DUPLO characters and backdrops to create stories introduces basic storytelling concepts to children and gives them an opportunity to share ideas — and the spotlight! — together.

Creative Exploration

In the hands of children, LEGO bricks are tangible, colorful tools that encourage creative play and foster collaboration. By constructing their own imaginative ideas with other students, kids build their communication, negotiation, and self-expression skills while practicing basic sorting and counting concepts.