MakersLoft is excited to offer fun educational weekly camps for children of ages 4-12 years in December 2021 & January 2022 . Keep your child engaged while learning new skills. Our camps are designed to help children explore new fields and for parents to gauge their child's interest in the new extra-curricular program.

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Fun and educational STEM Camps

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Conducted by young car enthusiast Anish Hubert who loves to spend his time in workshops, fixing cars or improving their performance. As a child Anish was super curious about what's under the hood and started to tinker around with nuts & bolts from an early age. He has spent hours under cars in his greased overalls and loves to share his knowledge with children.

In this interactive 3 days camp, children will learn the fascinating technical details that make these cars special:
- Super Cars: Why are they so low to the ground?(center of gravity), why are they shaped the way they are? (aerodynamics), Reasons for their high price (Research and development, Brand Recognition).
- Muscle Cars: About their engines(V8), Superchargers (compressing air into an engine), Simple comfortable suspension (similar to buses of today)
- Off-road vehicles: Tall, special suspension, special tyres, special gears

DATES choose one
Dec 15-17
Dec 20-22

TIMINGS choose one
Batch 1: 11am-12.30 noon
Batch 2: 4.30-6 pm

More camps and details coming soon!