LEGO® Contest

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Lego Contest is a friendly weekly competition to develop creativity in kids and adults, using Lego. It takes place weekly on Sundays at 11.30 am, online over Zoom and is open to all ages. Judging is done by age group. To recognize the efforts of participants, all those who submit a model, shall get a digital certificate. Winners shall get digital Achievement certificate.
FEE: Rs 200 per child. Pay and register here:

LEGO® Workshops on Cars

Many kids know car brands, and some can even tell you the prices of cars! Yet very few children understand what are the key technical features that makes a vehicle special. The workshops shall take place on Zoom every Sunday from 10.30-11.30 am. There shall be separate workshops by age group:  one for children of age 6-8 years and another for kids of age 9-15 years. 

FEE: Rs 400 per child. Pay and register here:


  • December 2020: 13, 20, 27
  • January 2021:  3, 10

How does the Lego Contest work?

1. You first need to pay and register online here
2. Registered participants shall be  sent Zoom meeting details for the contest on WhatsApp.
3. Dismantle and sort your lego in preparation for the contest.
4. On Sunday, log into the Lego Contest Zoom meeting at 11.30 am. A surprise challenge shall be announced. You need to build a Lego model related to the challenge and email us pictures by 2pm on Sunday. 
5. After you have submitted, sit back and relax. Our team will review your photos.  
6. On Tuesday at 11 am, winners declared on FacebookInstagram and on this page.
7. By Thursday, all registered participants who submitted a model, shall get a digital certificate. Winners shall get digital Achievement certificate. There is no other prize.


  • Lego Workshop: Sunday 11.30am
  • Lego Contest: Sunday 11.30am. One session for all ages. Judging will be done by age group.
  • Results declared online on Tuesday 11am on

Award Categories

* Most Creative: original idea, out-of- box thinking
* Lego Ninja: Superior building techniques
* Brick Master: Skilled use of a variety of Lego 
* Story Teller: Tells a story, vivid details
* Rising Star: Overall good, has strong potential


* Contest shall take place over Zoom.
Any body can participate, no age restrictions.
Only Lego can be used. Build time 60 minutes.
Entries emailed after 2pm will not be considered

* Entries found to be copied from instruction booklets or internet will be disqualified
Register Online

Lego Contest - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for Lego Contest Season 2?

Pay and register online here

What do I have to make with Lego?

Every week a new challenge is announced over the Zoom meeting. You have to use their creativity to build something that shows your interpretation of the challenge, in the given time. Using building instructions is NOT allowed. You can make a single object or a composition with multiple models that that tells a story. 

Is there any size restriction? 

No there is no size restriction, you can make a model of any size.

Can I help my child?

If your child is under the age of 6 years, you may explain the challenge to them. But we request you to not help them in any other way.  Do not suggest ideas to them - children are the most creative people, please let them dig within themselves to come up with ideas, even if it seems hard at first.  Also let them find Lego pieces by themselves - it will help them be independent and develop their confidence.

Can Duplo, Technic, Mindstorms be used?

Yes! There are about 2,350 different elements in the LEGO range – plus 52 different LEGO colours. You can also use parts from Lego Education sets like Mindstorms, WeDo, Duplo and or from themes sets like StarWars, Ninjago, Technic, Boost, City, Friends, Disney etc.

Do I need to dismantle my Lego pieces?

YES!! All Lego pieces MUST be dismantled prior to use in the competition, except for mini-figures. 

Can I get a certificate?

Yes, we shall be providing a digital certificate to all participants by email. Winners will get a Certificate of Achievement. 

What is the judging criteria?

Note, this is a creativity contest. So there is no right or wrong answer. We want to see the child's interpretation of the theme and their original ideas, not influenced by parents or internet. The submitted models shall be evaluated on these dimensions:
  • Creativity: How original is it? Does it show out of box thinking?
  • Story-telling: Does it tell a story, how vivid is it?
  • Complexity: How complex is it? Does complexity add value?
  • Technique: Does it display advanced  skills with Lego

Who does the judging?

The winners of Lego contest will be selected in an unbiased manner by judges selected by MakersLoft. The decision of the judges will be final and no communication in this regard shall be entertained by MakersLoft or any of its associates and/or partners.

Will we need to keep the video on all the time?

No. Once the challenge is announced you can leave the meeting and start building. We will be available on Zoom if there are any questions. We trust that the build submitted will be the your original work, made without any help from anyone, or instruction booklets or any online resources. 

How can we show you what I build?

You need to send an email  with photos of the Lego model and description, your full name and age. Sending a video is optional, unless we specifically ask for it.

Tips for taking pictures

Please ensure that there is proper lighting in the room and the background is clutter free when taking pictures of the model. Take 2-3 photos from different angles. There should be one photo showing the complete model. You can also take a selfied with the model.

To view all entries from January 10, visit

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Winners of November 29. Theme: Christmas Tree

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Winners of November 8. Theme: Flying Machine

Winners of November 1. Theme: Colourful Jungle

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