Lego Movable Machines Course

Sow the seeds of "love for Science & Maths" in your child with Lego Movable Machines course. Once children start to make movable models with Lego they will continue to be inclined in STEM subjects like engineering, robotics etc. In this course children will learn from the very basics about gears, axles, different connectors. They will learn about 6 simple machines. 

They will make models like Elevator, Dancing bird, Merry-go-round, Catapult, Crazy floors, Go carts, Make a cartoon, Simple machine to move, Make a mechanical toy, Repeat pattern, Dancing bird, Paper crimper, sea-saw, Crane, Wind mill, Swing, Rubber band Power car, hand blender and more.

What parts are required for this course? Where can we get them, if we don't already have them?

To make these models they will use mechanical lego pieces or "Lego Technic" along with their basic Lego bricks that come with a Lego Classic set. Scroll down below for part list.

For ages 6 years & above


Total 3 levels - Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced of 16 sessions each.

Sample projects that students will make

Kit for Movable Machines Beginners level

This Lego compatible kit comes with bricks, plates, wheels, motor, tilt and motion sensors, bluetooth hub and many special and decorative parts.  With this kit children can build hundreds of interactive robots, animals, insects, vehicles etc that move. They can code using block based programming  software available for tablets as well as laptop. 

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Price: Was Rs 2500.  Now Rs 1990. For ages 6+ 

Kit for Movable Machines Intermediate level

This Lego compatible kit contains ONLY the additional parts that are required for the Movable Machines course to make more complex models and science projects. This kit contains gear mechanism, steering parts, rack and pinion gear, pulley, cams and special connectors, lift arms and bricks with cross axle hole.

The Beginners kit is also required for the Intermediate level.

Price: Rs 1650. For ages 6+     

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Would you like to schedule a free demo for your child?

Our demos takes about 20-30 minutes. The demo will give you an idea about the course and how MakersLoft conduct the classes. 

Additionally, after the demo, our trainer will be able to share with you a preliminary assessment of your child's aptitude for the course and our recommendations.  

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Course Duration

Each course starts with a module of 8 sessions. There are 6 such modules. So total session of 48 sessions for each of the Courses.

Assessment & Certificate

After 16 sessions we conduct an assessment and share feedback with parents in the form of rubrics and issue a certificate.

Batch & Timings

Classes are done in small batches of upto 5 students so that your child gets individual attention. We provide flexible timings, with 2-3 sessions per week from Monday-Saturday.

Registration & Fees

Fees to be paid 100% in advance by Bank Transfer, Paytm, PayPal or Google Pay. To enrol your child send us Child's Name, Age, School, City, Parent Name, Phone/E-mail id on WhatsApp or by e-mail.