Online Courses for 4-15 years

Does you child love Lego? Does he / she love to tinker or build things? Lego is a great educational tool to develop creativity in children while developing a genuine love and connection with Science & Maths. Unlike rote learning, with Lego the child learns by exploring and trying out for themselves. It develops their attention span, ability to focus - as they say Hands-on, minds-on! Time spent building with Lego instills in children from a very early age the values of persistence, trying out things oneself, rather than being spoon fed answers and a positive problem solving attitude. 

Creative Building

Age: 4 years + 

Lego Pieces Required: Classic bricks

Skill Level: No to little experience for the Beginners level. Experienced kids can do Intermediate / Advanced level. Do a demo to find out.

Movable Machines

Age: 5 years + 

Lego: Classic bricks + Technic pieces

Skill Level: Should have reasonable skills with classic bricks

Programmable Bricks

Age: 6 years and above

Lego Required:Lego WeDo set

Skill Level: Should have reasonable skills with classic bricks. Should be able to understand Coding. Request a demo 

Senior Robotics

Age: 9 years + 

Lego:Lego Mindstorms EV3 set

Skill Level:  Should have some experience with Lego. Coding experience is a bonus, but not required.

Which Lego Course is appropriate for my child?

The Lego course and level that is most suitable for your child would depend on 3 things:
  • Age of the child. Although we have a suggested age, there are a lot of individual differences between children. So if you feel your child is ready at an earlier age, feel free to approach us to enrol him / her.
  • Experience and skill with Lego. Schedule a demo with our trainers to assess your child's aptitude for Lego courses offered by MakersLoft.
  • Lego pieces you own or are willing to invest in. 

Course Duration

Each course starts with a module of 8 sessions. There are 6 such modules. So total session of 48 sessions for each of the Courses.

Assessment & Certificate

After 16 sessions we conduct an assessment and share feedback with parents in the form of rubrics and issue a certificate.

Batch & Timings

Classes are done in small batches of upto 5 students so that your child gets individual attention. We provide flexible timings, with 2-3 sessions per week from Monday-Saturday.

Registration & Fees

Fees to be paid 100% in advance by Bank Transfer, Paytm, PayPal or Google Pay. To enrol your child send us Child's Name, Age, School, City, Parent Name, Phone/E-mail id on WhatsApp or by e-mail.


Click here to book a Demo

MakerLoft's demos are meant to give parents an idea about the course content, our pedagogy and to see if the child would be interested in the course. During the demo our trainers also try to assess the child's aptitude for the course and make recommendations on the best options for them. Please ensure you have been provided information about course fee and kit price (if relevant) prior to taking the demo.


1. Demo fee is Rs 300 and can be redeemed against the course fee if you join the course.
2. All demos are conducted online on Zoom. Please check your internet connection, web camera and microphone are working properly prior to the demo. If there is an issue, you can call or WhatsApp us prior to the demo to reschedule.
3. At least one parent needs to be present at the time of demo.
4. Demo duration is typically around 30 minutes.
5. Demos may be conducted 1:1 or in small groups of 2-3 participants.
6. Demo scheduling depends on your availability and that of our trainers. MakersLoft is closed on Sundays, so demos cannot be scheduled for Sunday.
7. Demo fee is non-refundable

Frequently Asked Lego Questions

Have a Lego related question? As our experts!

WhatsApp it to us on +91-6290126203 and we will try to answer it and add here for the benefit of others too.

What is the right age to start with Lego?

18 months and above. Start with Duplo bricks which are large enough that children cannot swallow or choke on. By age 4 years they should be ready to play with smaller classic bricks.

Do you have anything with Lego for adults?

Our Lego Contests and workshops are open for adults. Click here to register for Season 2. If you have other ideas, write to us at or WhatsApp us at +91-6290126203

Do you conduct sessions for corporates?

Yes, please write to us at with details of your requirement. Team building activities, Creativity sessions, Design Thinking Workshops, Corporate Training can be done with Lego.

My child does Lego for hours? Is that healthy?

Lego helps develop focus and attention span. It is a very engaging activity, so it is easy to get lost in doing Lego for hours. Even we adults do! Having said that, it should not take away for physical exercise and outdoor playing time which are equally important for a child's growth.

My child is not interested in Lego?

That's okay! Do not push your child to play with it. Leave the pieces around and see if they naturally gravitate to it over a period of time.

You can also make something fun with Lego that might attract the child to try out for themselves. Or if they see other kids playing with it. A trained Lego expert can help a child get started by showing them the possibilities through story-telling and role-playing.

What are Lego Education sets? 

Education sets are specifically designed for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) learning and Robotics. These are also used for International Lego-based Robotics Competitions. We sell Lego Education sets like Mindstorms EV3, WeDo, Spike Prime, Simple & Powered Machines, Early Simple Machines etc. 

Where can I buy used Lego from?

We sell both new and used (but in very good condition and available at good rates). Contact us on WhatsApp us at +91-6290126203 with your requirement.

How to sort Lego?

Short answer (and this is what works for us): Sort by lego type. For bricks, plates, tiles separate from technic and electronic pieces. Stack what can be stacked. Colour is the last thing to sort by, as it is the least challenging to find pieces by colour while building.

Long answer Detailed article coming soon!

How to store Lego?

Short answer  In boxes with dividers (removable would be best)

Long answer Detailed article coming soon!

How to separate Lego bricks?

Short answer: Many pieces can be separated with a brick separator.

Long answer: Detailed article coming soon!

How to clean Lego?

Short answer Soak in a bucket with a mild detergent like Genteel or Ezee. Let the dirt and grime loosen. DO NOT SCRUB with Scotch Brite etc, it will spoil the plastic. Rub with a gentle sponge if needed. Leave to dry naturally. Wipe with cloth if water is hard, as it might leave marks on the plastic bricks. 

Long answer Detailed article coming soon!

What is Lego Technic?

Technic is a variety of Lego that allows to build more robust and engineered models.  See below for example of Lego Technic parts. There are pictures of Lego parts with names.

Do you work with schools?

Yes we do. Do you represent a school? Please connect with us on or WhatsApp us on 6290126203

Lego Parts Names

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